Night Photography @ Joshua Tree National Park

August 26, 2016

Earlier this month, I took an awesome night photography workshop at Joshua Tree National Park put on by Nikon and Samy’s Camera. The store is based out in California, but I somehow found the event through Eventbrite and decided to make the drive down to the NP. I basically stuck with the instructors the entire evening and had free rein to pick their brains about night photography, photography in general and all the Nikon gear I’m always coveting. It was…

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Japan Personal Portrait

My Mother’s Yukata

August 7, 2016

In honor of Obon (Buddhist custom honoring the spirits of ancestors…usually observed in mid-July or mid-August, depending on where you are in Japan), I decided I should finally dig up an old post I attempted to put up here a year ago. Last summer, I was browsing Uniqlo’s website and got excited when I saw they started selling Japanese Yukata (cotton casual kimonos) on their U.S. site. I briefly thought about buying one but…money. Plus, I really have no occasion…

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Sunday Riots @ The Waterhole

July 28, 2016

The hip hop scene in Vegas is alive and well…and I had no idea. This was my first foray into this realm of art, and I was a little bit intimidated. Shooting basically in the dark was not easy at all, but the energy in the room was palpable, and I couldn’t help but continue to hit the shutter button. These guys are true artists and have incredible talent. It’s raw; It’s real; It’s risky; It’s inspiring. Will definitely be…

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Families Portrait

Baby Roslyn

May 11, 2016

Another familiar face at work today! It’s always so neat when I run into moms I actually know in the hospital. I went to high school with Kim. We also shared some fun/crazy times at church youth events (maybe let’s just try to forget about any embarrassing memories of me as an awkward teenager, ok, Kim? ;) ). It was so great to see her after all these years, and you can’t even tell that she just gave birth yesterday!…

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Personal Portrait

Getting There….

April 27, 2016

Maybe it was noticeable. Maybe it wasn’t. But the truth is that there was a really dark cloud over my head for quite some time. Sometimes, I don’t even think I noticed it there trailing me, and I didn’t really bother to try and find some sunshine. After all, shade can be nice. I’m not even quite sure when it started forming. Eventually it got so big, I couldn’t help but notice. But it was too late. It had already…

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Grand Canyon Time-Lapse

April 10, 2016

Sunset…reverse. Sunset. My attempt at another time-lapse. Committing to just one scene for more than half an hour is tough, especially at a place like the Grand Canyon when you’re surrounded by gorgeous views (and chilly weather).…

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