Domo-kun & Virtual Insanity

May 20, 2013

My little rainy day fun project…

Story behind the toy: My aunt found this wind-up Domo-kun for me a few years back and sent it to me in Washington all the way from Japan. I brought it with me when I came to teach in Japan last year and sometimes used him during my lessons. When I wasn’t looking after class one time, a student stole a small bag I carried around with me that had a bunch of dice and my beloved Domo inside. I never did get my stuff back. I told my aunt about Domo’s unfortunate disappearance and found out she only got a hold of the toy because she put the word out to her students years ago that her niece in America loved Domo-kun and asked if they knew of anywhere to buy Domo-kun goods. One day, one of her students presented her with the toy, saying her mom had connections with NHK. I didn’t think I’d find wind-up Domo ever again. Fortunately, in my last visit to Tokyo, I discovered an NHK character gift shop and found plenty of Domo-kun goods there…including my long lost wind-up toy!

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