Las Vegas Long Exposures

July 20, 2015

Sometimes you need a little bit of chance to spur some creativity. I’ve been working on my first time lapse project over the course of the week and was out at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign before dawn one morning to get a specific shot.

The sign was deserted, except for one man roaming aimlessly in front. While I was wondering if it was a good idea to be a lone female standing in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard at that hour, I was startled by a friendly British guy who seemed to come out of nowhere. He had a camera and tripod himself, so I let down my guard a bit. We soon were talking photography and about how the hobby is wonderfully addicting and a huge motivator for travel. He asked if I was on Flickr (which is a rare occurrence since it feels like no one uses it as a photography networking tool anymore). We exchanged information, and in true millennial form, I immediately pulled up his photo feed on my phone. Boy, was I amazed! His images are magical and I had to pick his brain about how he gets his shots.

The brief and serendipitous encounter was all I needed to set some new goals for my own photography. That same night, I tried to let my newfound inspiration guide me. Here’s what came of it all:


Venetian Foot and Vehicle TrafficMirage Pool + LV Blvd 1Inactive VolcanoMirage Pool + LV Blvd 2

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