Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, TX

May 7, 2015

Didn’t realize Amarillo, TX, has a little more to it than being a convenient pit stop location in the middle of the desert (and the yellow rose of Texas…♪♪). I’ve been through Amarillo before but had no idea what I was missing out on along I-40 and the old Route 66: a bunch of old cars shoved into the ground as an art display with free-for-all spray paint.

I made it to Cadillac Ranch just before sunset and a storm. Even at dusk, there were about a dozen people making their marks on the Caddies. It was almost like being at a modern Stonehenge–but with free admission and permission to vandalize.

Decided to make Amarillo my overnight stopping point so I could grab a few more shots at sunrise as well.

If you were wondering, I spray painted an anime-ish hand making an peace sign. (^_^)v

Cadillac Ranch_0014-rsCadillac Ranch_0016 Cadillac Ranch_0030-rsCadillac Ranch_0070-1Cadillac Ranch_0075-bwCadillac Ranch_0117Cadillac Ranch_0164-rs Cadillac Ranch_0173-rsCadillac Ranch_0180-rsCadillac Ranch_0192-rsCadillac Ranch_0203-rsCadillac Ranch_0186-rsCadillac Ranch_0189-rsCadillac Ranch_0219-rsCadillac Ranch_0220-rs


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